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DIRO Jewellers are producers and manufacturers of handcrafted fashion accessories and jewellery. Working with locally available materials such as Brass, Horn, Bone and Stones and sometimes run upcycling projects which involve paper and other media. Brass is hypoallergenic which means it doesn’t cause allergies.

It is also easy to maintain and restore the shine by polishing. We give value addition by either gold or silver plating our Brass merchandise so as to lengthen their lifecycle.

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Rateng Africa Cuffs

Jewelry for Every

Rateng Africa Collection

Made with Brass Sheet and is available in premium finishing of Gold and Silver Plating

Jahazi is the Swahili word for a ship or vessel. We created this to represent the Coastal region and the businesses that take place therein. As export and Import points and harbors. 

All made of Brass given a premium finishing with Gold and Silver Plating.

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1. Zanta Adeyde store at Village Market
2. African Lifestyle Hub at the Sarit Center
3. Nairobi Street Kitchen
4. Naskia Handmade at the Chekafe

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