Rateng Brass Cuff


How To Clean your Brass.

Brass will typically oxidize when exposed to the elements. You can easily maintain your jewelry with products that are in your kitchen. There are many was but we will focus on two in this article;

Home remedies for Brass Cleaning
Rub lemon juice or on the product and allow it to air dry then once dry wipe it down with a dry cloth.
You can also use vinegar with cotton wool, allow to air dry then wipe the piece(s) down with a dry smooth cloth or with dry cotton wool. Then store the product in a well lit, cool and dry place.

Industrial Polishing Method
There are industrial polishing agents available in the market. Here in Kenya we have Brasso and Polik.
For the polishing you will need any of these agents and cotton wool.
Dab cotton wool soaked in the agent on the product. Allow to air dry and then polish with dry cotton wool or a dry cloth.
Then store in a cool, well lit and dry place.

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