The start of many things is preceded by secret happenings. An idea is birthed in the privacy of the mind and manifested after the required gestation period and processing.
The pregnancy and birthing of a baby have a similar process. The parents get busy, there is an exchange and receiving of seed, incubation and eventual ejection of the baby from the womb through the birthing process.
In the initial months of pregnancy, it may not be evident to all. However public unawareness doesn’t negate the growth taking place internally. The mother has to continue nurturing the seed until the time of delivery.
So it is with ideas that have been implanted in our hearts and minds; we have to fight so that these ideas can live to see the light of day. Initially, it may look like nothing is happening on the outside but with continued nurturing and incubation of these thoughts, these ideas mature and become solutions in our seen world.
Its taken incubation, nurturing and even protecting our ideas and continual belief that we have something vital to bring to the table.
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